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Green Set, Inc. 

Motion Picture Plant & Prop Rental • Christmas & Custom Shop

For more than 25 years, we have been devoted to having it, finding it, or creating it for our customers; in fact, we contribute our success to this very philsophy. While six acres of plants and props make us one of the most widely-used providers in the industry, our fabrication and paint departments allow us to make or modify just about anything. We have built our reputation on these flexible, creative, and accomodating business practices.

At Green Set, we have broken the mold of the traditional prop house; cutting across industries and services. Our practices are unique to the field; they're all about assessing the needs of the customer, no matter how large or small, and providing the best service and product in the industry. If you need it, we will make certain that you get it; we have the talent, energy, and dedication to deliver.

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What we do.

Green Set Inc. has been family owned and operated by Dan and Debby Needham since 1991. From the beginning, we set out to see to the needs of our customers, whatever those might be.

We have maintained the same philosophy throughout: customers first. Experts in design, fabrication, horticulture, technical consulting, and rich with industry knowledge, our experienced staff members have been pulling rabbits out of their hats for over 25 years. To date, we are unmatched in service and product.

Our clients.

While we set out to service the entertainment industry alone, we have since expanded our relationships. Now, we provide and create props and plants for weddings, conferences, tradeshows, still photography, private parties and sporting venues among other functions.
Green Set is a signatory with IATSE and Teamster's Unions. We also own a truck Mounted, 62 Foot Telescoping Crane with a Certified Operator, a 240 acre Violin Canyon Movie Ranch, and a 17 acre Foxtail Movie Ranch.

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What's new.

* New additions to our Christmas shop are in! Start your planning now!
* Glass ornaments are now available. See our selection under ornaments.
* We have added new thrones and beautifully detailed antique sleighs to our stock.
* New in-house custom projects include graphic topiaries, a 12ft. high Eiffel Tower (as seen in Bridesmaids), and a variety of decorative gazebos.
* Our brand new conference room is complete with free wi-fi, a TV monitor, and beverages. Come on by and check it out.

Tel: 818.764.1231

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Since 1991, Green Set, Inc. has been dressing sets and providing Plant Rentals, Prop Rentals, Halloween and Christmas Decorations for Film, Television, Commercials and Special Events in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and San Diego. We've been devoted to having it, finding it, or creating it for our customers.

Our experienced staff members are experts in design, fabrication, horticulture and technical consulting. They've been pulling rabbits out of hats for over 25 years.

Rental inventory include: Theme & Decor, Christmas Decorations, Trees & Ornaments, Halloween Decor, Pumpkins, Scarecrows, Holiday Lights & String Lights, Topiaries, Statues, Fountains, Park Benches, Street Lights, Columns & Pedestals, Arbors, Lattice, Camo Nets, Planters, Live & Artificial Plants, Flowers & Trees, Shrubs, Hedges and Bonsai.

Services include: Fabrication, Painting, IATSE Union Greensmen, Truck Mounted Crane & Certified Operator, Flame Proofing, Pick Up & Delivery

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